Explore the coaching packages we offer


Take a look at our interview services or get in touch for a tailored package.

Competency Interview

A two-hour coaching session focused on competency based interviews. Tailored coaching for specific roles.


Interview session

A two-hour Interview session will be conducted with you either face to face or via Skype. Covers standard and competency based questions.


Refresher Interview

If you need to refresh your interview skills, this 1.5 hour session will help you focus on specific areas and build your examples to fit the role.


Interview Package

Two Interview sessions (one 2 hour and one 1 hour) the first covers standard and competency based questions the second session will be a mock interview and feedback session.


Executive Coaching

Take a look at the ex ecutive coaching sessions and pacakges. Get in touch if there is a different package you would like.

Executive Coaching

A two-hour ex ecutive coaching introductory session.


Paradox debrief

Paradox report and debrief consultation. Identify strenghts in decision-making and leadership. Know your triggers when under pressure


Leadership Analysis

Get your Leadership Analysis report of 10 Key Leadership areas. During the coaching and debrief session you will create an action plan and will receive a development plan.


Leadership Package

Purchase a package of three 90 minute sessions to explore and grow your Leadership behaviours.


CV Services

The purpose of the CV is to get you an interview. We work with you to develop a tailor made CV/Resume.

CV Review and Tips

Do you want a professional review of your CV with tips on how to improve it. This service is offered via email.


CV Consultation

A two-hour CV consultation takes place. We work on CV content to update your existing CV with a focus on achievement based statements.


Strengths Assessment and CV Consultation

Receive a personalised report on your strengths, interests, values, competencies. Information from the report can be used in your CV.


Executive CV service

Two (two hour) sessions to develop a functional or chronological CV. The CV can be tailored for a specifica role.


Career Planning

Career Planning Intro

One session - 2 hours

Career Strategy

Two sessions (2 hours each)