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CV Coaching and Development

The objective of a CV is to get you an interview, if you are getting to the interview door, your CV is doing its job. I have a few options on CV development. Some clients wants their CV reviewed and some tips to improve it. Other clients haven't updated their CV in many years and require more work. For other clients they want a tailored CV for a specific role or they want a brand new format - e.g. a Functional CV or Hybrid rather than the typical chronological CV. Read more here.CV Review, CV Tips, CV consultation.


Interview Coaching

The interview coaching session will focus on Interview skills and techniques, interview preparation, competency based interviews and creating an impact. As an Interview coach my recommendation is two sessions - one two-hour and then a follow up of one hour. Get your interview skills up to date.

Read more here. Interview Coach, Kilkenny, Dublin, Interview Skills, Interview Preparation. Competency Interviews. Interview Training, Mock Interviews


Leadership Analysis

Do you know your strengths as a Leader. With our assessment on Leadership competencies, you will gain insights into your strengths as a Leader and areas for future development. The Paradox report identifies your productive and counter-productive traits and behaviours this can be an eye-opening moment for clients. Harrison Assessments Ireland.


Career Transition

An online assessment takes place prior to the first session and the results are debriefed as part of ongoing session. We help you:

  • Analyse your current career
  • Identify your strengths and areas of interest
  • Assess and help you reality check your future career plans
  • Guide you on your research on tangible future careers
  • Assist you as you create your career plan

Career Coaching & Planning

The questions at the core of each of us are:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I?
  3. What do I want?
  4. How can I get there?

Answering these questions assists you in developing a career plan and achieving a satisfying career. Read more here.

Career Planning, Career Change.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching sessions are tailored to the client. Clients can come with a career change situation or they could be dealing with a work situation. The person may have been overlooked for a promotion and want to assess and develop their Leadership skills. Read more here

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