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Interview Coaching

We offer a range of interview sessions. For those that haven't been for an interview in some time we recommend two sessions- each session is typically 2 hours duration. For those that need a refresher session or want to work on a specific interview area then the Refesher Interview Session is the one to choose.

The interview coaching session will focus on Interview skills and techniques, interview preparation, competency based interviews and creating an impact. As an Interview coachmy recommendation is two sessions - one two-hour and then a follow up of one or two hours. Get your interview skills up to date with peronalised coaching. You've been called for an interview now what? Preparation is key for interviews.

As a coach I help you:

  • Overcome your interview nerves -
  1. What sort of handshake do you offer?
  2. Do you get nervous when speaking?
  3. Can you maintain eye-contact without it being uncomfortable?
  • Analyse the job description and person specification and determine what the employer is looking for.
  1. Align your skills, experience and showcase your strengths to show you are a fit with the company.
  2. Look at the person specification - reflect on "who you are" (using our assessment tool) and build statements and answers to the most common interview question "Tell me about yourself"
  • Work with you so that you are confident answering competency based questions, behavioural and situational questions.
  • Develop questions that you can ask at interview that shows real interest in the role, team and organisation.
  • Offer you constructive feedback on your answers, body-language and interview style.
  • Help you to sell yourself at interview - in answering questions like "why should we hire you" and "what strengths can you bring to this role".

As an Interview Coach Sheena delivers Interview Coach in Kilkenny, Waterford, Dublin an throughout Ireland providing help with all types of interview questions, Interview Skills, Interview Preparation. Competency Interviews. Interview training and interview skills. Training, Mock Interviews


Interview Coaching

Interview coaching can range from a refresher interview session or a number of sessions depending on the client's needs. Interview preparation through mock interviews, typical interview questions, competency based interviews can be covered depending on your needs
The sessions typically cover standard interview questions such as:

  • "Tell me about yourself"
  • "What strengths can you bring to this positions"
  • "Why should we hire you"

Competency Based Interviews

I work with clients to showcase their work achievements to answer competency based interview questions. Learn the techniques and skills to answer competency interview questions and use the best examples you have for specific competencies. During the session you will develop a keyword to remember each example to use at your interview.

  • "Give me an example of a time when you managed a conflict situation"
  • "Tell me a time when you solved a problem"
  • "Talk us through a recent project you led or were involved in" which would lead to " what challenged did you overcome"

Ending the Interview

It gets to the stage in the interview when you are asked "and do you have any questions"
That's where an interview coach helps, I work with you on specific interview questions suited to the role and organisation. During interview preparation it is easy to forget to prepare questions to ask the interviewer. One Tip is to refrain from asking WIFM questions "What's In it For Me". For example asking about holidays, benefits, salary are not for a first interview. I would advise do your research on glassdoor or use salary surveys or if dealing with a Recruitment Consultant ask prior to confirming the interview . Always focus on the role, team and organisation with your questions.
Not forgetting that potential open-ended question you may be asked "Have you anything else you would like to share with us today"


Getting the Right Balance

Sometimes we can forget to assess ourselves in a holistic manner. Sitting with an interview coach can assist in building your confidence and performance at your next interview.

  • Tone of voice
  • Body Language
  • Handshake
  • Professionalism and authenticity

We want to show the interviewer you are comfortable and confident speaking about your achievements and success in roles you've held. If you are nervous at interviews this will come across to the interviewer. I work with clients to become more confident in answering and asking questions.