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The objective of a CV is to get you an interview, if you are getting to the interview door, your CV is doing its job. I have a few options on CV development. Some clients wants their CV reviewed and some tips to improve it. Other clients haven't updated their CV in many years and require more work. For other clients they want a tailored CV for a specific role or they want a brand new format - e.g. a Functional CV or Hybrid rather than the typical chronological CV. CV Review, CV Tips, CV consultation.

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CV Content Development

Working with a coach can help you identify latent skills and knowledge you may have overlooked. I help clients focus on key strengths related to the role you are going for.

CV TIP: Each sentence you write on your CV as yourself "So What"? Is it giving the reader valuable information to match the skills and experience they need?

Chronological CV

The classic reverse chronological CV that the majority of people use. This first page of your CV starts with your most recent role and works in reverse order.

CV TIP: Best practice is to detail roughly the past 10 years of experience.

Functional CV

A functional CV is suited to Senior Professionals or people who may be looking to change industries or have a gap in their work history.

CV TIP: You highlight and choose the key headings of competencies you have and develop your achievement based statements under each heading.