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Paradox Report

Analyzes strong characteristics and reveals which ones have hidden derailers. Identifies specific derailers and provides the essential guidance to turn them into strengths. Provides an in-depth awareness of an individual’s normal behaviors and stress behaviours.

Traits & Definitions

The report ranks the individual’s traits and preferences within the following categories: Basic Traits, Work Environment Preferences, Task Preferences, Interests, Job Functions, Engagement and Retention Factors, and Behavioral Competencies.

Leadership Analysis

The Harrison Leadership Competencies empower leaders to achieve a higher level of personal awareness related to widely recognized principles of leadership. Each of these ten leadership competencies enable leaders to better understand the impact they have on their organization through mapping a full range of their success behaviours, as well as their derailers, for each leadership competency.

Career Development

This report assists individuals to achieve a more fulfilling and successful career. Based on the individual’s personality and preferences, the report provides the essential information necessary for career development. Provides insights into interpersonal skills that will impact their career.


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Harrison Assessments features as one of the Top 10 Leadership Development Solution Providers 2018 by HRTech Outlook


Harrison Assessments International is the 2015 recipient of two prestigious Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards in the categories of Candidate Assessment Technology and Succession Planning.