Sheena Murphy

Thank you for stopping by. As a career coach since 2011, I have been fortunate to work with fantastic people and companies. Thank you to all who supported me. Since the beginning of 2020 a number of things happened, the Covid pandemic impacted my business, I graduated with a BSc in Management practice from Ulster University and during this time several family health issues emerged. I hang up my career boots (for now). Re-evaluating my values and what is important, I have ceased trading as Sheena Murphy Career Coaching Ltd and I became a full-time carer for two family members in 2021. Sheena Murphy 19th January 2022

An interview coach assists you in preparing you to answer competency based interview questions. I assist client with interviews skills, interview training and preparing answers for competency based interview questions. You will learn about the STAR and CAR competency based interview techniques. I provide tips on overcoming interview nerves, building confidence and show how you can maximise your impact at the interview. Interview coach Dublin, Interview Coach Kilkenny, Career Coach Ireland. Career decisions, Career help.